Florida Man Suggests Sending Alligators to Deal with Campus Protesters

Florida Man, known for his unconventional solutions to everyday problems, has once again made headlines with his latest suggestion to deal with campus protesters. In a recent interview, Florida Man proposed sending in alligators to handle the unruly crowds, claiming that the reptiles would be much more effective at dispersing the protesters than any amount of tear gas or riot police.

When asked about the potential risks of using alligators in such a manner, Florida Man simply shrugged and said, "Hey, if they can handle living in the swamps of Florida, I'm sure they can handle a few rowdy students." He even went as far as to suggest outfitting the alligators with tiny protest signs to really drive home the message.

Of course, the idea of using alligators to deal with protesters has sparked outrage and disbelief among the general public. Many have called Florida Man's suggestion reckless and inhumane, while others have questioned his sanity. However, Florida Man remains unfazed, insisting that alligators are the key to maintaining order on college campuses.

As expected, campus officials have quickly dismissed Florida Man's proposal, stating that they have no intention of unleashing a horde of alligators on their students. Instead, they are exploring more traditional methods of handling protests, such as dialogue and peaceful resolution.

While Florida Man's idea may be outlandish and absurd, it serves as a reminder of the bizarre and unpredictable nature of the Sunshine State. In a place where headlines are often stranger than fiction, perhaps sending in alligators to deal with campus protesters isn't such a far-fetched idea after all.