Rudy McRudyson Disbarred for Trying to Prove Bigfoot Voted in 2020 Election

In a shocking turn of events, Rudy McRudyson, the infamous lawyer known for his outlandish conspiracy theories, has been disbarred for his latest attempt at proving voter fraud in the 2020 election. This time, McRudyson claimed to have evidence that Bigfoot, yes, the mythical creature, had cast a vote in the election.

According to McRudyson, he had obtained a blurry photo of what he believed to be Bigfoot standing in line at a polling station. He argued that since Bigfoot is a resident of the United States (according to his theory), he should have the right to vote. However, when pressed for more evidence, McRudyson could only produce a moldy footprint and a hair sample that turned out to be from a regular bear.

Despite the lack of credible evidence, McRudyson was undeterred and even went as far as to call for a recount in several key swing states, claiming that Bigfoot's vote could have swung the election in favor of his client. When asked for a comment, election officials simply rolled their eyes and dismissed the claim as absurd.

In the end, McRudyson's antics proved to be too much for the legal community to handle, and he was swiftly disbarred for his frivolous and baseless claims. As he packed up his office, muttering about a conspiracy to silence him, one can't help but wonder what outrageous theory he'll come up with next.