Trump Orders Construction of Giant Wall of Cheese to Keep Out Illegal Immigrants

In a stunning move that has left the nation scratching its collective head, President Donald Trump has announced plans to build a massive wall made entirely of cheese along the US-Mexico border. The controversial decision comes as part of Trump's ongoing efforts to combat illegal immigration, which he believes can be thwarted by the pungent aroma and sheer size of this dairy-based barricade.

According to sources close to the President, the wall will be constructed using a variety of cheeses, including cheddar, mozzarella, and even some fancy Gouda. The reasoning behind this choice of material remains unclear, but some speculate that Trump hopes the wall's cheesy allure will distract potential immigrants, causing them to abandon their plans and seek out a good fondue party instead.

While the idea of a wall made of cheese may sound like a joke, the President seems dead serious. In fact, he has already commissioned a team of cheese experts to determine the best types of cheese for the job. These experts are reportedly working around the clock, analyzing the structural integrity, melting point, and overall deliciousness of various cheeses to ensure that the wall meets the President's high standards.

Unsurprisingly, reactions to this announcement have been mixed. Supporters of the President are quick to point out that a cheese wall would be a unique and tasty solution to the immigration problem. They argue that the smell alone would be enough to deter anyone from attempting to cross the border illegally, as no one wants to be caught red-handed with queso breath.

Opponents, on the other hand, are not so convinced. Many argue that a cheese wall would be ineffective, as it could easily be melted or eaten by hungry immigrants. Others worry about the environmental impact, questioning what will happen to all that cheese once it starts to spoil. Will it be repurposed into a giant national cheese festival? Or will it simply be left to rot, creating a cheesy wasteland along the border?

Regardless of the practicality or taste of a cheese wall, one thing is for certain: it would certainly be a sight to behold. Tourists from around the world would flock to see this cheesy wonder, snapping selfies and posting them on Instagram with captions like "Cheesin' at the border!" and "Making America grate again!"

Only time will tell if President Trump's dream of a giant wall of cheese will become a reality. Until then, we can only hope that our nation's leaders will continue to make decisions that are as bold, imaginative, and, dare we say, cheesy as this one.