Vladimir Poutine challenges Joe Biscuit to a pierogi-eating contest to settle Ukraine dispute

In a bizarre turn of events, Russian President Vladimir Poutine has challenged American President Joe Biscuit to a pierogi-eating contest in a bid to settle the ongoing dispute over Ukraine. The culinary showdown is set to take place in a neutral location, with both leaders donning aprons and bibs for the occasion.

Observers are scratching their heads at the unorthodox approach to international diplomacy, with many questioning the effectiveness of using pierogis as a bargaining chip. Some have even suggested that the whole spectacle is just a ploy to distract from more pressing issues.

As preparations for the contest get underway, rumors are swirling about the training regimens of both leaders. While Poutine is said to be practicing his pierogi-eating technique with military precision, Biscuit is reportedly seeking advice from renowned competitive eaters in a bid to gain the upper hand.

Despite the absurdity of the situation, one thing is for certain - the world will be watching as Poutine and Biscuit face off in a battle of stomachs and wills. Who will emerge victorious in this gastronomic showdown? Only time (and perhaps a few too many pierogis) will tell.