Local Man Declares Himself 'Supreme Court Shocker' After Successfully Kicking Trump Off the Ballot

In a shocking turn of events, a local man has declared himself the "Supreme Court Shocker" after successfully kicking former President Donald Trump off the ballot. This self-proclaimed hero, who goes by the name of Joe Schmo, has become an overnight sensation in his small town of Nowhereville.

According to Schmo, his journey to become the "Supreme Court Shocker" began when he stumbled upon a dusty law book in his grandmother's attic. Armed with this newfound legal knowledge, Schmo embarked on a mission to right the wrongs of the political world.

With unwavering confidence and a flair for the dramatic, Schmo stormed into the local courthouse, demanding to be heard. The judge, clearly amused by this audacious display, allowed Schmo to present his case.

Schmo argued that Trump's hair was a clear violation of the Constitution's "no ridiculous hairstyles" clause. He passionately pointed out that the founding fathers could have never anticipated such a hairdo when they penned the document centuries ago.

To everyone's surprise, the judge ruled in Schmo's favor, citing an obscure subsection of the law that prohibits candidates with "excessively flamboyant hairstyles" from running for office.

News of Schmo's victory spread like wildfire, turning him into a local legend. He was paraded through the streets, cheered on by his adoring fans who affectionately referred to him as the "Supreme Court Shocker."

Of course, not everyone was thrilled with Schmo's triumph. Trump's supporters were outraged, claiming that Schmo's victory was nothing more than a publicity stunt. They argued that the judge's ruling was a clear abuse of power and an infringement on Trump's rights.

Undeterred by the backlash, Schmo reveled in his newfound fame. He began giving interviews to local news outlets, regaling them with tales of his heroic legal battle. He even started selling "Supreme Court Shocker" merchandise, including t-shirts and coffee mugs.

As the news of Schmo's victory reached national headlines, legal experts and constitutional scholars were left scratching their heads. Some argued that the judge's ruling was a dangerous precedent, opening the door for frivolous lawsuits and absurd legal claims.

Despite the controversy surrounding his case, Schmo remained unfazed. He continued to bask in the glory of his victory, attending local events and signing autographs for his fans.

As the dust settled and the excitement died down, it became clear that Schmo's victory was nothing more than a comical blip in the world of politics. But for a brief moment, this self-proclaimed "Supreme Court Shocker" had his fifteen minutes of fame, leaving a lasting impression on the small town of Nowhereville.