Melvin McFunny Accidentally Becomes Billionaire After Misplacing Green Card

It seems like the universe has a funny way of rewarding those who are the most absent-minded. Case in point: Melvin McFunny, a self-proclaimed scatterbrain, who accidentally stumbled into a billion-dollar fortune after misplacing his green card.

According to sources close to McFunny, the whole ordeal started when he absentmindedly left his green card in the pocket of his favorite pair of pants. Unaware of its absence, he went about his day as usual, completely oblivious to the fact that he was now an undocumented immigrant.

But fate had other plans for Melvin McFunny. As he was frantically searching for his green card, he stumbled upon a hidden treasure trove in his backyard. Turns out, the previous owner of his house had buried a stash of gold coins, rare artifacts, and valuable jewels right under his nose.

As news of McFunny's accidental discovery spread like wildfire, he found himself thrust into the spotlight as the newest billionaire on the block. Reporters clamored to interview him, asking how it felt to go from a forgetful nobody to a wealthy somebody in the blink of an eye.

Of course, McFunny couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. "I always knew my forgetfulness would pay off one day," he quipped, as he posed for the cameras with a comically bewildered expression on his face.

As for his green card? Well, it eventually turned up in the washing machine, completely waterlogged and unreadable. But at this point, Melvin McFunny couldn't care less. After all, who needs a green card when you're a billionaire by accident?