Melvin McSniffles caught in a pickle after mistaking Supreme Court for a sandwich shop

It was a case of mistaken identity that left Melvin McSniffles in quite the pickle. The unsuspecting individual, known for his love of sandwiches and general confusion, found himself in a rather sticky situation after confusing the Supreme Court for his favorite sandwich shop.

Witnesses reported seeing McSniffles confidently stroll into the grand building, a look of anticipation on his face. He reportedly approached the bench, expecting to place an order for a classic BLT with extra mayo. Little did he know, he was about to face a different kind of judgment.

As he began to rattle off his sandwich preferences to the bewildered justices, it became clear that McSniffles had made a grave error. The room fell silent as the reality of the situation sunk in - this was not a deli, this was the highest court in the land.

McSniffles, ever the optimist, tried to salvage the situation by offering to share his sandwich with the justices. But his attempts at humor fell flat as he was swiftly escorted out of the building, sandwich-less and red-faced.

As news of the incident spread, social media erupted with memes and jokes at McSniffles' expense. Some even speculated that he may have been trying to use the "sandwich defense" in a legal case, but it seems more likely that he simply let his love of sandwiches cloud his judgment.

So, as Melvin McSniffles licks his wounds and contemplates his next sandwich adventure, one thing is for certain - he won't be making that mistake again. And the Supreme Court can rest easy knowing that their hallowed halls are safe from sandwich-related shenanigans, at least for now.