Melvin McTrump blames his pet goldfish for bribery scandal as trial begins

As the trial of Melvin McTrump, the wealthy businessman and self-proclaimed political genius, begins for his alleged involvement in a bribery scandal, the unexpected defense he has chosen has left many scratching their heads in disbelief. In a bizarre turn of events, McTrump has decided to blame his innocent pet goldfish, Goldie, for the entire scandal that has rocked the political world.

According to McTrump's legal team, Goldie, the unsuspecting goldfish who resides in a lavish tank in McTrump's office, was the mastermind behind the bribery scheme that has landed McTrump in hot water. In a statement released to the press, McTrump claimed that Goldie had a penchant for swimming in circles while listening to conversations, and must have overheard incriminating information that led to the scandal.

When questioned about how a goldfish could possibly orchestrate a bribery scandal, McTrump simply shrugged and insisted that Goldie was a highly intelligent fish with a devious streak. He even went as far as to suggest that Goldie may have been working in cahoots with other fish in the tank to carry out the illegal activities.

As the trial unfolds, many are left wondering if McTrump's outlandish defense strategy will hold up in court. Will the judge and jury buy into the idea that a pet goldfish could be responsible for such a serious crime? Or will McTrump's attempt to throw his beloved Goldie under the bus backfire in spectacular fashion?

One thing is for certain – the courtroom drama surrounding Melvin McTrump and his pet goldfish is sure to be a spectacle like no other. Stay tuned as the trial continues and the truth behind this bizarre bribery scandal is finally revealed.