Former President Ronald McDonald Claims Guilty Verdict Due to 'Rigged Burger'

Former President Ronald McDonald, the iconic figure of a fast-food empire, has made a shocking claim following his recent guilty verdict in a corruption case. McDonald, known for his red hair and yellow jumpsuit, insists that the verdict was the result of a "rigged burger" that was planted to frame him.

In a press conference held at a local McDonald's restaurant, Ronald McDonald dramatically declared, "I am innocent! This is all a conspiracy cooked up by my enemies in the fast-food industry. That burger was clearly planted by the Hamburglar, who has always been jealous of my success."

The former president's legal team presented a defense strategy centered around the idea that the incriminating burger was tampered with and placed at the scene of the crime. They argued that Ronald McDonald's love for burgers is well-known, and he would never have left one uneaten if it truly belonged to him.

Despite the absurdity of his claims, Ronald McDonald's supporters have rallied behind him, organizing protests outside of various fast-food establishments. Signs reading "Free Ronald" and "Justice for Hamburgers" could be seen throughout the crowd.

As the trial continues, the public is left to wonder whether Ronald McDonald's defense will hold up in court or if he will ultimately be forced to face the consequences of his alleged misdeeds. One thing is for certain - this case has certainly added a new layer of drama to the already colorful world of fast food.